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Oscar Wilde


“I’ll never forgive you for this. Never.” The man whispered the words in my ear through his tears as I picked up …

Decibutus lateral

Decubitus lateral view of chest

This view is particularly useful for demonstrating small pneumothoraces, emphysema or loculated pleural fluid. The animal is placed in lateral recumbency. To demonstrate …

Dental radiograph showing periodontal disease in a 2-year-old cat.

Buy a dental x-ray machine

If I am being perfectly honest, dentistry has never filled me with excitement. That said, attending a number of sessions on dentistry …


I blame the NHS

A couple of articles have been brought to my attention this week regarding the public perception of vets versus the reality. When …

Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous – Albert Einstein


I work in an emergency practice and things come in fits and starts. If I see a blocked cat on the first …

Tea and biscuits

Chocolate, tea and respect

I’m getting old. I can see that. People greet me not by saying “you look great” but by saying “you’re getting greyer”. …