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Curse of the idiot box

“Television: the scourge of the nation, breeding ignorance and feeding radiation.” Those who recognise The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy may realise I’m not … gjenero

The wrong end of the telephone

A couple of weeks ago, I received the phone call I’ve been dreading since moving away to university. My horse had had …


The camelid conundrum

Despite expecting a purely equine placement, I’ve had a bit of a crash course in camelids over the past two weeks. As …

AVS committee at annual ball

Represent, support, engage!

The AVS (Association of Veterinary Students) Congress marks one year since my involvement with the association began. Last year, in Nottingham, I …


What makes a good vet?

As a student on placement, I’m often in awe of the vets I’m working with. The ability to take a history, examine …

Homeless man with dogs

Helping the hounds of the homeless

The homeless come with a certain stigma – particularly those with pets at their side. Should we be concerned for the welfare of those …

VN on phone

Communication and memory

I often see new graduate workshops and tutorials advertised where the seminar leaders address the problems of communication. Similar events are offered to …

Jordan and her peers, not even halfway through their course, feel they are fighting to keep their heads above water – Image: ©iStockphoto/Anton_Sokolov

Hitting the third-year wall

Everyone had heard rumours third year at veterinary school was the worst. On coming back to university after a long summer of …

Vet nurse monitoring anaesthesia.

The cases that stay with you

We are deep into a busy term of teaching and have veterinary care assistant students in centre, as well as nursing diploma and …

Wad of cash

Only the best will do

All too often the deciding factor in an animal’s veterinary treatment is cost. It has to be a factor because there is no …


MOOC popularity

Following a previous blog in which I mentioned MOOCs (massive open online courses), I took the plunge and signed up for a …