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AVS committee at annual ball

Represent, support, engage!

The AVS (Association of Veterinary Students) Congress marks one year since my involvement with the association began. Last year, in Nottingham, I …

Jordan and her peers, not even halfway through their course, feel they are fighting to keep their heads above water – Image: ©iStockphoto/Anton_Sokolov

Hitting the third-year wall

Everyone had heard rumours third year at veterinary school was the worst. On coming back to university after a long summer of …



Failure is another taboo subject in the profession, as it is in most walks of life. We don’t like it, and we don’t …

Glaswegian zombies

Two years as a vet student

Having endured the wait for results, I can officially say I’ve passed my second year at vet school, and reflect on another …


Wednesday afternoon stress relief?

The opportunity to take part in sport, either competitively or recreationally, is an essential part of stress relief for all students – especially for those …

Equestrian team

Vet school sports

Vet students have their own little community, not only within their own university but also across the eight vet schools throughout the …