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The VN status debate

I am currently stuck at home with a bad back, so I’ve had plenty of time to read a debate on …

Find Job

The key to your new career

Regular vetsonline users (or at least those with an interest in changing their career path) may have noticed a change to the site in …


No need for vet nurses?

A fellow Vetsonline blogger, Will Easson, recently wrote a post about the potential impact of an increased number of vet grads, in which …


A vet school storm on the horizon

Following last year’s announcement that the University of Surrey is to open a new veterinary school (taking in the first cohort of …

Nurse training at CAW


I would like to thank Michal Szulc and Jill Hubbard for their letter in a recent edition of Veterinary Times (Vol.43, No.42), …