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Histiocytoma on the ear of a boxer dog.

Histiocytomas in dogs

Histiocytomas are common, benign skin tumours that begin in the immune cells. They usually present as small, firm, dome or button-shaped masses …

Puppy pyoderma

Puppy pyoderma / cellulitis

Puppy pyoderma (also known as juvenile cellulitis) typically occurs between three weeks to four months of age, in any breed of puppy. …

laser therapy

Low-level laser therapy for dogs

Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) is a rapidly growing adjunctive therapy in companion animal practice. Low-level laser or cold laser therapy is a non-invasive …


Don’t feed your dog bones

Time for a controversial one, I feel… I have three dogs, and other than those they manage to scavenge in the park, …